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Sat 6 June 

Boiler Strip down completed

Top coat Epoxy applied to Jib Repair area

Fender Bracket rebuilding was completed 

Plugging of starboard accommodation deck leaks were much advanced with 4 temporary wooden plugs inserted into holes exposed by removal of timber deck.

High Jib Repair Completed on Sat 30 May 20

The fitting of two new 75 x 75 x 10 angles was completed. The new steel was bolted into position and torqued up to 340 foot lbs [Our torque wrench is in Imperial] The two coats of epoxy paint were completed. During the week WorkZone Scaffolding Ltd had added a one metre square extension to give access to an aft area below the repair point. Weld repairs were done and that had two epoxy paint applied.

Much additional descaling had been advanced in previous week - this had a first coat of Epoxy applied 

Boiler Strip Down Completed 10 June 20

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