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Hikitia Returning to Wellington under tow on 5 November 2009

Photo Vic Young       







Hikitia has a guiding document, the Conservation Plan, that outlines conservation policies, a programme of works and establishes an appropriate level of intervention that allows the ship to operate as a working vessel to demonstrate the purpose for which it was built and yet retain its significant heritage values. Written in 2008 by Historian and Heritage Consultant Michael Kelly, this document has been very useful and much referred to as a reminder of objectives and gives credibility to the methods used to preserve the vessel. Much of the recommended works have been done including the major first Docking for 28 years that was carried out in 2009 at Lyttleton. It would be useful to now rewrite this Plan to again focus our attention on the way forward. Warning – it is a 104 page document!SEE IT HERE 


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