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Check out some pictures of the Hikitia over the past decades! Simply click on the links below to access each gallery. When in a gallery page clicking on a small image to enlarge it and create a slideshow.

Note to Admin ... to be delete before going live..

The "Dry Docking in 2009" gallery is working.

  1. Gallery pages need to be created for each gallery.
  2. Add-on module: Custom panel 1 to each Gallery page. this will give it a right hand column and select RH Gallery List
  3. Then cover images below (6x4 ratio) need to be replaced and image and text need to link to appropriate gallery page.
  4. Each gallery page link needs to be added onto the RH Gallery List Page
  5. Read more on galleries in the Flightdec platform


The Wheelhouse

Wahine Salvage

Old Photos of the Hikitia at Work

A lift from 2006

The construction of the original slipway

The demolition of the slipway in 1986

Lifting the supports for the walkway on the waterfront

other galley


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