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Hikitia Refurbishment Achievements Year Ending 30 June 2022


The Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington’s active project is the refurbishment of the 1926 built Hikitia floating crane ship.

Hikitia’s refurbishment goals are to achieve full compliance with all regulatory requirements, develop full steaming capabilities to demonstrate the vessel in a fully operational state for its 100th year.

The following is a description and quantification of the trust's outputs, extracted from the annual return to the Charities Commission:

  1. Completed annual boiler survey in July
  2. Carried out a 24tonne survey lift
  3. Repaired and serviced the lifting block
  4. Fitted a new deckhead to the Washroom and refurbished interior
  5. Began a Driver Training programme
  6. Refurbished the Conservation Laboratory
  7. Progressed bilge cleaning and thickness testing to 70% of hull area
  8. Fitted new anodes to hull
  9. Fitted new Fighting Top deck
  10. Repaired a major structural channel in lower jib

Hikitia Refurbishment Achievements Year Ending 30 June 2022

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