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Please Donate to keep us afloat

Please help in keeping the unique and amazing Hikitia floating crane fully functioning and in good condition as a centre piece of Wellington historic waterfront. Hikitia needs to be maintained as a useful piece of Wellington's working infrastructure that's able to assist in any post emergency civil defense recovery.

We need your help in this post Covid19 world!

Donate to:

Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington - a Registered Charitable Trust.

Payments to BNZ Account 060507 0014401.00

Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington is a Registered Charitable Trust - Charities Commission Number CC  35948 IRD Number 85 230 190

You may wish to donate to this overall objective, or you might prefer to target a specific area just to know that you are covering the cost of a specific area or item. Any money you donate will be used and very much appreciated.


Insurance is approximately $10000 per annum.

Annual Boiler Survey

In June each year our two boilers undergo their annual survey. 2021 surveyor costs were $2029 + materials costs including gaskets, etc.


Steel – we consume about $2000 p.a.of steel plate, angle and flat that goes into general maintenance.

Gas for steel repairs is currently about $1500

Electricity for lighting and tools is about $900

Cleaning of mainly overalls is about $450



Return and Refund Policy

Privacy Policy


Hikitia Returning to Wellington under tow on 5 November 2009

Photo Vic Young       





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