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Please Donate to keep us afloat

Please help in keeping the unique and amazing Hikitia floating crane fully functioning and in good condition as a centre piece of Wellington historic waterfront. Hikitia needs to be maintained as a useful piece of Wellington's working infrastructure that's able to assist in any post emergency civil defense recovery.

We need your help in this post Covid19 world!

Donate to:

Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington - a Registered Charitable Trust.

Payments to BNZ Account 060507 0014401.00

Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington is a Registered Charitable Trust - Charities Commission Number CC  35948 IRD Number 85 230 190

You may wish to donate to this overall objective, or you might prefer to target a specific area just to know that you are covering the cost of a specific area or item. Any money you donate will be used and very much appreciated.


We currently spend about $2000 p.a. on paint.

Our Main deck needs high pressure water blasting - we have identified a suitable machine to buy that our volunteers can use safely that testing has shown will do the task. A quotation for this is $5300

Steel – we consume about $2000 p.a.of steel plate, angle and flat that goes into general maintenance.

Our current scaffolding monthly bill is $787 – at beginning of June we completed the middle high jib that needed two new pieces of angle fitted and are now finishing low level descaling and painting. We hope to complete the hire of the scaffolding by the end of August to eliminate the $787 of hire.

Annual Boiler Survey

At beginning of June we stripped down our two boilers for their annual boiler survey. Surveyor has inspected and pronounced OK for re-assembly for a "hot "survey - our goal is completion of survey by end of July.

Last year the regular maintenance – stripping down, repair starboard boiler firebox, new gaskets and seal, inspection, reassembly and hot survey cost $4961. Serious money for us – any help from you would be appreciated.                              


Gas for steel repairs is currently about $1500

Electricity for lighting and tools is about $900

Cleaning of mainly overalls is about $450



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